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Since 1998 Transgender Zone has been supporting those who feel they are confused about their gender, those who are looking for support for someone who is transgender, and health and social care professionals, broadcast media and lay people who want to learn more about the subject. We work to educate those who are living with gender dysphoria and increase awareness about this and other gender identity issues. It is totally Free to take part in this site and no membership is required!

Much of the involvement in this site involves the sharing of knowledge in our library and Bulletin Board. We are the custodians of the transgender media archives and regularly comment and report on media related issues that affect trans people.

We actively work and network with other groups to end negative stereotypes on UK television by using our ongoing extensive archive of trans media clips in presentations to broadcasters. In addition to a bulletin board, the website provides a list of helpful links, transgender law, books, studies, medical articles, diagnostic criteria, and medications relating to transgender needs.

We have a very large Facebook Group you are welcome to join.

We concentrate on UK based support (see our Venue/ practitioner Guides) and medical and health resources that you are likely to encounter in the UK.

Any advice we give in the Forums can be generalized internationally, however our experience is in UK care, law, information and NHS specific problems.

All advice and support is given by lay people and you should take it as such.

Never change any medical regime based on advice given by strangers on the internet without first consulting your health care professional.

Transgender Zone Forums are a popular destination for chat, advice, health information, news and research for the transgender community. Our agony section is available to unregistered guests.

Our site and forums are totally free and have quick access to important issues as well as lightweight features.

The term transgender often refers to someone who considers that they do not identify strictly to one gender or the other, identifying themselves as either neither fully male, nor female. However they may equally identify as male or female.

The term is also used by many to differentiate themselves from cisgender 'biological' men and women, for example 'transgender woman' or 'transman'. To 'DFAB' (Designated Female at Birth) or 'DMAB' (Designated Male at Birth), or even Gender Non-Binary, who may not identify as male or female and can switch between or rest half-way.

The term 'transgender' includes a number of sub-categories, which, among others, include: transsexual, trans, cross-dresser, gender-non conforming people, transvestite, consciously androgynous people and the term gender dysphoria or 'gender incongruence' is often used by practitioners to explain these tendencies.

We hope you will find this site supportive!

 - Tzoneteam

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